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Unibody Repair Specialists - Coastal Collision Center

Correct and reliable repair of unibody damage needs, more than anything else, highly skilled and trained technicians. An expert eye is very necessary to detect unibody alignment issues properly as the damage is often not easily visible.

Our certified technicians specialize in unibody alignment repairs and are the just the well-informed and capable people you need to put your vehicle back right:


  • State-of-the-art technology for measuring unibody damage accurately
  • Cutting edge tools & equipment to perform precise unibody alignment repairs
  • Ongoing training to keep up with unibody alignment repair methods

Why Choose Us for Unibody Alignment Repairs?

Unibody damage is always a cause for concern. A bent, misaligned and weakened unibody frame can jeopardize the vehicle’s drivability and the driver and passengers’ future safety.

Unfortunately, unibody damage can be tough to spot and even tougher to fix. That is why you must choose a dependable expert like us for your unibody alignment repairs. You can count on us for:


  • Accurate diagnosis of unibody damage
  • Thorough unibody alignment repairs to restore the vehicle to factory specifications
  • Quick unibody alignment repairs to minimize your inconvenience

Do you suspect your vehicle has unibody damage? Come to Coastal Collision Center for unibody alignment repairs. Call: 401.724.6862